October 16, 2024 | Vogel Convention Center Würzburg

Regional Conference Expo for Cobots

An explosion of artificial intelligence, digital tools and computing power is giving cobots access to ever new areas of work. Everyone can work with cobots. ConExpo COBOTS4YOU will democratize the use of robots and provide visitors with comprehensive information on the current applications and benefits of collaborative robots.

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Visitor target groups, user industries & trade fair topics

Visitor target groups

Specialists, managers, entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested in robotics and digitalization.

(Automation) engineers, production managers, factory managers, application engineers, technicians, managing directors, owners, employees, craftsmen and tradespeople who want to optimize production and processes in their company.

ConExpo topics

  • Application examples and industries
  • Economic efficiency of the cobots
  • Programming
  • Flexibility and mobility

User industries

  • Automotive industry and suppliers
  • Metalworking, machining technology
  • Logistics
  • Electronics and technology
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medicine and laboratory
  • Plastics and polymers
  • Food industry
  • Furniture and furnishing industry
  • Consumer electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Craft
  • Science and research


AI and autonomous technology are making it easier and easier for companies to get started with robotics. But despite simplified operation and implementation, employees need important skills to work in an automated environment. COBOTS4YOU creates partnerships between robot suppliers, manufacturing companies and educational institutions to ensure that staff have the right skills for an automated future.

COBOTS4YOU participation opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors

Services Exhibitors Business Partner
S M L Gold Platinum
Exhibition space with chairs, a table, electricity and WLAN 4m² 6m² 9m² 9m² 12m²
Free tickets for stand personnel incl. catering 2 3 4 5 6
Placement and linking of the company logo on the event website
Marketing kit for your own communication (logo, flyer, banner, etc.)
Presentation of the company profile on the event website
Mention in print and online reporting
Integration of the company logo in selected communication measures (e.g. advertisements, flyers, app)
Integration of the company logo into the logo wall on the presentation stage
List of all event participants as PDF (surname, first name, company, location)
Flyer on company and product information in the conference documents
Branding activities in the event location (display of giveaways, etc.)
Flagging and other branding activities at the event location (if possible)
Advertisement in the conference proceedings (2 pages/4-color)
Premium positioning of the stand in the exhibition area
Playing an image film during the lecture breaks (max. 3 min., film material provided by Business Partner)
3-5-minute short company presentation as part of a guided exhibitor tour or a spotlight session
COBOTS4YOU lab: 60-minute workshop/product training or master class after coordinating the content with the program coordinator

COBOTS4YOU-Impulscafe - Your contribution (20 min) on our second stage

Give impulses and show our visitors

  • how cobots can support them
  • how to prepare for cobots
  • what advantages cobots offer in operation
  • how to get started with cobots
  • and much more

COBOTS4YOU-Employer Branding Arena Session for Students (15 min)

Robotics companies present themselves as attractive employers in order to attract potential talent.

Complete price
Price per additional m² = 350,- €
1.990€ 2.190€ 3.290€ 7.490€ 9.950€

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