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Continuously receive high-quality leads to maximize your sales potential and take control of your sales success.

Save time and resources and use our service to get everything from a single source

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Our 18 years of wine, we commitment

Content creation
Add multiple links in Instagram instead of just one.
Target groups Access
Allow your clients to connect with you with one click.
Campaign handling
Capture leads and grow your business with them.

How does it work?

Consultation: We sit down with you to understand your goals and requirements.

Content creation: Based on your needs, we create relevant white papers for the target group.

Personal campaign expert: We continuously monitor and optimize the campaign to ensure its success.

Facts at a glance

Objective Continuous highly qualified contacts for your sales team
Formats Whitepaper, Webinar
Creation Each quarter we produce a white paper with 6-7 pages on your topic. At the end of the term, this can be purchased for your own use for an additional charge
Term & marketing Individually tailored to the campaign objectives
Lead characteristics Name, contact details, job title, department, career level, industry, company with address and company size, interest in the topic
Services On request, we can also use existing white papers to generate leads
Reporting Daily download of leads possible via our Customer Center
Minimum purchase quantity 30 leads per month
Billing Service fee + CPL, quarterly billing of the leads actually generated

Your benefit

Stand out from the competition! Draw attention to your company and product during the online voting. This will not only increase your chances of winning the award, but also reach the readers of our trade magazines directly.

Maximum acceptance

Through high-quality content and co-branding of the media brand

Qualified leads

With an interest in your topic. Every lead goes through a qualification process

Content & Leads

From a single source, from experienced experts

GDPR compliant leads

Contactable interested parties with a valid declaration of consent

Individual advice

On topics that resonate with the target group

Extensive contact information

Customized lead by industry or function in the company on request for an additional charge

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