Regional trade fairs for fasteners

SchraubTec 2023

There are topics that simply cannot be dealt with purely digitally! Mechanical fasteners such as screws and nuts are technically important construction parts in industrial applications. Screw connections hold the industry together in the truest sense of the word! As the technical possibilities grow, so do the requirements for screw connections. This is where a concrete exchange of know-how is needed, and this is best done face-to-face.

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The primary aim of these specific regional trade fairs is to strengthen expertise, knowledge and skills for secure bolted joints in the industry. The SchraubTec combines expert knowledge on bolted joints, bolting technology, bolting tools and the procurement, purchasing and management of C-parts.

Become an exhibitor at the SchraubTec regional trade fairs with your products, services and associated expertise.

Good reasons for your participation:

  • Versatile networking
  • Minimal economic risk
  • Simple pricing model
  • Storytelling on site
  • High sustainability


SchraubTec 2023

SchraubTec WEST Bochum

RuhrCongress, Bochum

SchraubTec SOUTH Sindelfingen

Stadthalle, Sindelfingen


SchraubTec NORTH Hamburg

MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen, Hamburg

SchraubTec EAST Dresden

International Congress Center, Dresden

Visitor target groups, user industries & trade fair topics

Visitor target groups

From experts for experts. The SchraubTec is targeted at the following groups of people:

  • Experts and specialized personnel for industrial screw connections
  • Screwdriving engineers, technicians, specialists
  • Screwdriving practitioners and experts for industrial screw connections from the relevant functional areas: Technical Management, Development & Design, Planning, Project Planing, Assembly, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Supply Chain and Purchasing.

User industries

  • Automotive manufacturers, supplier industry, commercial vehicles
  • Aerospace technology, marine, rail traffic
  • Mechanical and plant engineering, apparatus and steel construction
  • Wind and hydro energy, electrical and household appliances, furniture industry
  • Chemical and process engineering, oil and gas and petrochemical industry
  • Construction machinery and mining, mobile machinery, agricultural machinery, cranes

Trade fair topics

  • Calculation, basics of stress, construction suitable for assembly, standards and guidelines, documentation
  • Screws and screw properties, technical parameters, new materials, material properties and C-parts management, procurement and purchasing of C-parts
  • Assembly methods, optimization of assembly processes, screwdriving technology, tools and automatic machines, screwdriving for Industry 4.0, process reliability

09.13.2023 SchraubTec WEST
RuhrCongress, Bochum

  • North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - Germany's largest industrial location, Europe's strongest industrial region
  • Large industrial districts (Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf)
  • Centers of mechanical and automotive engineering, metal processing, chemiical industry, electrical engineering
  • Strong industrial regions such as Südwestfalen, Ostwestfalen-Lippe and Metropole Ruhr
  • Technology location with many world market leaders and hidden champions in the key sectors of electrical engineering, automotive and automotive suppliers

05.25.2023 SchraubTec NORTH
MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen, Hamburg

  • Greater Hamburg area (HH) and Bremen (HB)
  • Metropolitan region HH is diverse and economically strong
  • HH is the world's leading location for the civil aviation industry
  • Mineral oil industry in HH and chemical industry in HH-Harburg, Brunsbüttel, Pinneberg and Stade
  • HB is top location of the international aerospace industry
  • Deep rooted automotive plants in the northwest (Mercedes in Bremen and VW in Emden) with 200 suppliers
  • Strong networks and value chains for wind energy in the north

04.26.2023 SchraubTec SOUTH
Stadthalle, Sindelfingen

  • Stuttgart metropolitan region in the heart of Baden-Württemberg
  • Center of the German automotive industry
  • Home to over 2,000 suppliers 
  • 40% of the German machine tool and precision tool manufacturers are located here
  • Around a quarter of Germany machine and plant manufacturers are based in Baden-Württemberg
  • Highest number of industrial properties
  • Regional proximity to the Swabian commercial vehicle cluster

14.11.2023 SchraubTec OST
International Congress Center, Dresden

  • Metropolitan region central Germany
  • Three conurbations - Chemnitz-Zwickau, Dresden and Leipzig-Halle
  • Production sites for almost all major German automotive manufacturing groups
  • Dense network of suppliers
  • Close to the traditional mechanical engineering location of Chemnitz
  • Aircraft manufacturing and conversion center in Dresden
  • Chemical Industry around Leuna

All packages at a glance

Our flexible pricing model gives you the opportunity to customize your perfect booth size starting at one running meter in ascending order!
Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

XS package: 1 running meter
790 € *

Quick and easy setup

S package: 2 running meters
1.480 € *

20D Silicone Coated Nylon Ripstop offers UV resistance and superior waterproofness

M package: 3 running meters
2.170 € *

Large door and vestibules

L package: 4 running meters
2.860 € *

Six interior pockets to organize gear

XL package 4 running meters (2,860 €) + running meters (a 690 €) *.

These services are included in all packages

Apron tables according to the linear meter booking

Instead of apron tables it is optionally possible to exhibit your own counter case, exhibition counters or similar. Width up to max. running meter booking. **

Roll-up, partition wall or folding display set-up

Width up to max. running meter booking

Power connection

Optional 230 or 380 volt connection (please supply distribution boxes yourself)

Entry in the list of exhibitors

Logo insertion incl. company link


  • Free participation in the exhibitor evening (on the evening before)**
  • Lunch for stand personnel (on the day of the fair)**
* All prices plus VAT
**Prior registration is mandatory. When registering, please note point 5 of our "Organizational framework conditions of the SchraubTec regional trade fairs".

SchraubTec Loyalty program

For exhibitors at all four locations:
  • 8% volume discount on all booked SchraubTec services
  • or
  • 6 months of a free company profile on a Website of the Vogel Communications Group of your choice worth ~1,000 €

Newsletter connection technology for SchraubTec (8x per year)

Subscribers: 5,313

Newsletter advertising allows you to reach qualified subscribers at the time they want. Thanks to the high reach you effectively penetrate your target group which is supplied by us with relevant and current topics.

As a leading provider of trade media, we provide direct access via the email inbox to users and decision-makers in many industries. This is how you gain attention and increase your profile.

Target markets:
Automotive and supplier industry, vehicle, ship and engine construction, machine, plant, apparatus and steel construction, electronics, electrical and household appliances, furniture industry, wind and hydro energy, cranes, construction machinery, mining, oil and gas

Packages & Prices

  • Billboard (630 x 250 px): 1,000€ plus VAT
  • Text Ad (300 characters, 40 characters headline, image 300 x 300 px): 1,300€ plus VAT