Search Engine Advertising in B2B

How do you reach your B2B target group via search engines?

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and describes the placement of paid ads in the search results page of a search engine. A discipline that should not be missing from any B2B online marketing strategy. After all, the majority of B2B decision-makers start their research with a search query before making a purchase decision. Our SEA experts will help you get your ad to number one in the Google search results.

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How to make your search engine advertising a success

With targeted search engine advertising, B2B companies also have the opportunity to make potential customers aware of the company at an early stage during their research. This is because the majority of B2B purchasing decision processes also start with a search query on Google, Yahoo etc. Almost 90% of B2B decision-makers state that they use the Internet for their research before making a purchase decision. Properly set up and implemented, search engine advertising can therefore be a very relevant component in the online marketing mix. 

Choose the right B2B keyword

One of the most common challenges in B2B SEA is the low search volume of many keywords. Search volumes for niche topics, technical terms or abbreviations are often significantly lower than in B2C. This makes it all the more important to select keywords carefully and set up a well thought-out keyword strategy.

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Writing ad copy for a specialist audience

The right wording for your search engine advertising is crucial. Especially in B2B, it is essential not to lose sight of the target group when creating ad texts. It is important to know the language usage of your target group and to pick up the users where they are currently in the information process.

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Measuring success with targeted tracking

Targeted conversion tracking is also essential for B2B SEA campaigns. Without tracking, it is not possible to effectively monitor success. At the same time, tracking is the basis for the targeted optimization of your SEA campaign.

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Choose the right bidding strategy

To prevent costs getting out of hand, it is important to choose the right bid settings. Depending on the defined goal of your campaign, you can optimize for clicks or conversions and set a target CPA (cost per action), for example.

What about your Google Ad account?

Do the check: Is your Google Ad Account set up correctly? Where is there potential for optimization? And what about your campaign structure? We take a close look at your ad account and support you in optimally setting up your B2B SEA campaigns.

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