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The best website is of no use to you if it can't be found in the top positions of Google's search results pages. With targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our SEO professionals make your company website even more visible on the web. Together we tackle the challenge of SEO for B2B and industrial companies and set up a holistic SEO strategy.

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Why you should not do without B2B SEO

SEO has become an indispensable part of online marketing. This is also true in the industry. Your goal should be to appear at the top of the search results page for relevant queries from your target audience to attract potential customers to your website. This will increase your brand awareness, drive more organic traffic and lead generation to your website, and also give you a decisive competitive advantage. A careful analysis is the basis for a successful and long-term SEO strategy.

Why SEO in B2B?

Organic leads

Organic leads

Bring more users to your website through search engine optimization and generate more organic leads through targeted content marketing.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Over 90% of all trips to the Internet begin with a search engine. Place your brand in the minds of potential customers right at the beginning of the decision-making process.



With a search engine optimized website, you'll bring organic traffic to your business website, all without paid ads or promotion. 

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

SEO measures give you a decisive competitive advantage on the Google search results page and put you one ranking position ahead of the competition.

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Where do you stand with your rankings, what are your users looking for and how do your competitors optimize? The experts from our agency "Vogel Corporate Solutions" will do the SEO check and you will receive quickly implementable tips and quick wins so that you can achieve initial improvements in a short time.

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Why we are unbeatable

We combine the best of the trade media and agency worlds: our trade editors speak the language of your target group, our trade media and events give you direct access to your target industries, and our agencies make your marketing measurably more successful!

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Vogel Corporate Solutions

The B2B consulting and marketing agency thinks corporate communications holistically. Since 2010, Vogel Corporate Solutions has been helping well-known B2B companies transform their marketing and communications and make them more customer-centric, digital and measurably more successful. True to its credo "Creating Industry Relationships", the agency builds customer relationships - from the first touchpoint to the lead to the existing customer. The approximately 50 employees work with customers from all B2B industries.