June 25 + 26, 2024 | Würzburg Vogel Convention Center VCC

Technologietag Leiterplatte & Baugruppe

The printed circuit board is the backbone of practically every electronic system. But it has long been more than just a connection carrier, It is an electronic component that can do much more than just connect chips. Modern printed circuit board technology creates new degrees of freedom for the developers of assemblies. - but it must also be mastered.

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Target group & topics

Target group

PCB designers, layout experts, assembly developers, manufacturing specialists, development managers

Main topics

- CAD design and assembly technology
- Assembly technology and test strategy
- Base material and PCB technology
- CAD design
- PCB technology and analysis strategy
- Physics, CAD and PCB technology
- Test technology and assembly concept
- Test and analysis strategies for assemblies
- Assembly technology and LP documentation

Packages 2023 (packages for 2024 will follow soon)

Services Exhibitors Business Partner
Exhibition space with chairs, table, electricity and WIFI 4m² 6m²
Event tickets for the exhibition days 2 3
Event tickets for the evening event 2 3
Unlimited number of tickets for your customers and business partners (20% discount)
Your company logo with link on the event website
Marketing kit for your own marketing activities (event logo, flyer, banner, etc.)
Mention in print and online coverage
Your company logo in/on all marketing activities for the participants
Brief profile of your company on the event website
Comprehensive editorial coverage before and after the event
List of all event participants as PDF (name, first name, company, place)
Presentation of your logo during the event (e.g. monitor, displays, etc.)
Selection of the exhibition space in advance
Flyer on company and product information in the conference documents
Complete price 2.500 € 5.500 €

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