B2B Competitive Analysis

Qualified feedback from users

What drives your target group and what needs do they have? How well known is your company and how widespread are its products?

With target group access via our trade media, we gather qualified feedback from the market for you.

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Uncover your need for action

To ensure competitiveness, it is important to uncover the need for action within the company and in the target market. However, this is not possible without a database. Together with us, you gain direct access to your target group and can use our many years of experience to obtain data about your company as well as about other providers on the market.

Market data

Valuable insights into the current market situation, such as current trends, your own awareness and product distribution on the market, as well as information channels and needs of your target group

Provider profiles

Individual strengths/weaknesses analysis of relevant competitors including key figures on customer satisfaction and loyalty

Provider comparisons

Comparative analysis of all providers to identify potential for improvement for the own company and to evaluate the success of marketing and sales activities

What do your users say? Find out!

With a clear goal in mind, the right questions and the right data collection and analysis, you get exactly the results you need. This allows you to understand the needs of your target group or uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Our competitive analysis

Gain valuable insights into the current market and competitive situation through the unfiltered feedback of your target group. This way you are always one step ahead of your competitors! Depending on which services you want to take advantage of: You can choose from 3 different result packages.

Why we are unbeatable

We combine the best of the trade media and agency worlds: our trade editors speak the language of your target group, our trade media and events give you direct access to your target industries, and our agencies make your marketing measurably more successful!

A service of
Vogel Research

As a service provider for B2B market research, Vogel Research delivers well-founded answers to entrepreneurial questions. The claim of the market research experts is to combine methodical competence with entrepreneurial thinking and thus to provide clients with concrete recommendations for action. Via the trade media of the Vogel Communications Group and its own online panel, Vogel Research ensures direct access to B2B target groups and offers a broad portfolio of solutions for individual customer needs.