SUBJECT: Reactive power management

SUBJECT: Reactive power management
SUBJECT: Reactive power management
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Practical manual on reactive power management

Until now, large conventional power plants have provided sufficient reactive power to cover the reactive power requirements of grids and consumers. Due to the energy transition and the associated decentralization of power generation, this task will fall to distribution network operators in the future. Other market participants are also affected by this development, including grid customers, EEG plant operators and industrial customers. Thus, a new market for reactive power is emerging. This technical book helps to understand this development. It explains the physical principles of reactive power and shows how potential improvements can be identified by calculating the reactive power budget. In addition, it defines system services that harbor new business areas.

Your benefit:

What you can expect in the book, which classic and digital insertion options we offer and how you can use the book for lead generation, you can find out here.


With an insertion in the book, you can reach professionals directly and without wastage, who will be making purchasing and investment decisions in the foreseeable future on the basis of their position.

Target groups are:

  • Network operator
  • EEG/CHP plant operator
  • Medium-voltage grid customers
  • Engineering offices
  • Consultant
  • Project developer
  • Financial services provider
  • Electricity traders/distributors
  • Manufacturer of equipment in the field of reactive power
  • Master craftsman, technician or college

Digital reach

The book is published as a print and e-book edition. The e-book is not only distributed via Vogel Fachbuch and online retailers such as Amazon, but also reaches the digital libraries of universities, (technical) colleges and corporate customers. Library sales increase the book's reach by a factor of three.

Active media use

Through concentrated reading, recipients actively perceive your marketing message and develop an intense awareness of your brand.


In printed form, specialist information is a sign of seriousness and longevity. That is why many readers prefer the book as a credible guide.

Employer Branding

Vogel Specialist books are used in practice and teaching. With an advertisement, you position yourself as an attractive employer for subject matter experts of today and tomorrow.

Sustainable communication 

After the first reading, technical books often serve as reference works. Your marketing message is repeatedly viewed in a specialist context and pays lasting dividends for your communication goals.

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