International keyword set

International keyword set
International keyword set
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International keyword set

Existing keyword sets cannot be translated 1:1, but must be "localized"; however, these intercultural skills are usually not available and local branches have too few resources. Especially in B2B, 1:1 translations of technical terms often have a different meaning; only a native speaker can interpret this correctly and evaluate the meaning and industry-specific keywords.

Our "International Keyword Set" provides you with a localized keyword list as the basis for your international SEO/SEA measures

Scope of services "International keyword set"

  1. Initial kick-off call (virtual, approx. 0.5 hours)
    • Coordination with existing goals, strategies and keywords
  2. Carrying out keyword analysis:
    • Analysis of existing keywords (rankings, search volume, competitive density)
    • Analysis of the keywords of your strongest international competitor
    • Development of a keyword set in the language of the target country
  3. Presentation of the results (virtual or on-site at your premises, in Würzburg or Munich, approx. 1.5 hours)
    • You receive the keyword set as an Excel file as well as recommendations for action