Stand-alone mailing: Your exclusive message in your own newsletter (5,000 subscribers)

Stand-alone mailing: Your exclusive message in your own newsletter (5,000 subscribers)
Stand-alone mailing: Your exclusive message in your own newsletter (5,000 subscribers)
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  • Please select a media brand
  • MM MaschinenMarkt Korea
  • VCG-Network
  • Automobil Industrie
  • blechnet
  • DeviceMed
  • elektrotechnik Automation
  • Embedded-Software-Engineering
  • ETMM
  • F+K Fahrzeug und Karosserie
  • Industry of Things
  • kfz-betrieb
  • konstruktionspraxis
  • marconomy
  • MM MaschinenMarkt
  • Next Mobility
With a stand-alone mailing, you benefit from maximum exclusivity:

You reach your target group with your message directly in their inbox. You provide the content input and information for the desired target group and we take care of the rest. The mailing is perceived by our readers as a recommendation from the specialist editorial team.

Your benefit:

  • Attention in the relevant target group
  • Low wastage due to precise selection options
  • Qualified traffic to your website
  • Prominent and exclusive display without competition
  • Enhanced acceptance through co-branding with our media brand
  • Transparency through reporting

To enable our experts to make a valid selection of your target groups, we need the following information from you:

  • Objective: What do you want to achieve with your stand-alone mailing?
  • Topic: What would you like to advertise?
  • Keywords: Please tell us the most important keywords for the topic.
  • Target group description: You select industries, functions, positions and number of employees from our catalog. We will be happy to advise you on the optimum selection.
  • Reach: With a stand-alone mailing you can reach 5,000 recipients - in line with your target group description.

What else do we need from you?

  • Your company logo
  • Image material (at least 70 dpi)
  • Texts incl. links (approx. 1,000 to 2,500 characters in total)
  • Suggestion for the subject
  • Desired shipping time (check availability)

The data must 10 days before shipment arrive with us. We insert your data into our e-mail template to maintain the look and feel of the media brand. Once the data has been delivered on time, you will receive an initial preview of your stand-alone mailing 2 to 4 working days before dispatch.

Guide for a stand-alone mailing

Guide for Stand Alone Mailing

A prerequisite for the use of the content provided by you by Vogel is that you have sufficient rights to pass on the respective content to Vogel and that you will indemnify Vogel in the event of a claim by third parties due to a lack of rights ownership. By transmitting the content, you declare compliance with these conditions.

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