Lead Sponsoring Reference Book

Lead Sponsoring Reference Book
Lead Sponsoring Reference Book
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Want to tap into new customer potential, but don't have the right content to launch a lead campaign? Then join one of our book lead campaigns: We create an exclusive dossier of editorial book content. And you get the leads.

Scope of Services:
  • The dossier is placed behind a registration barrier - we generate the leads for you
  • As a sponsor you will receive 75 qualified leads with interest in your topic
  • All leads have a valid consent form
  • Lead characteristics are: Name, contact details, job title, department, career level, industry, company with address and company size.

The following reference books are available for you to choose from:
  • Smart Materials, Published March 2023
  • Reactive Power Management, Published June 2023
  • Technical Documentation, Published July 2023
  • Meisterweissen im KFZ-Handwerk, Published September 2023
  • Body, Published September 2023
  • Machinery Directive, Published October 2023
  • Heat Transfer Technology, Published December 2023