Digital Masterclasses "E-Commerce in B2B"

Digital Masterclasses "E-Commerce in B2B"
Digital Masterclasses "E-Commerce in B2B"
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Place yourself as an expert at the Digital Masterclasses "E-Commerce in B2B" on July 09, 2024:

"E-commerce in B2B" Get the Deal - e-commerce as best practice in B2B

A well-founded e-commerce strategy is essential for a modern B2B company. A digital sales offering is also becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector when it comes to selling your services and products. The platform acts as a digital interface between the company and its customers. There are many different options and approaches for the right e-commerce strategy.

How toäHow does a lead sponsorship campaign with a Digital Masterclasses work?

A maximum of three speakers appear on the landing page as "sponsors". During the campaign duration of three months, accompanying advertising measures are implemented to draw the attention of the target group to your trending topic. Your campaign experts will select suitable measures to ensure the success of the campaign with the focus on generating as many live participants as possible. Registration for the Digital Masterclasses is only possible after registration. After registration, the participant will receive two reminder emails before the live event.

Your benefit:

  • New customer potential through contactable prospects
  • Extensive contact information on potential interested parties
  • No expenses for the creation of white papers or advertising material
  • Each lead undergoes a qualification process so that we can ensure the high quality of the data
  • All leads have a valid declaration of consent
  • Our campaign experts ensure the success of the campaign over the entire 3-month period

Of course, we also offer other ways of generating qualified leads via our specialist portals, which you can find out about here.

The details at a glance:


Detailed lead information and product interest

Target industry

Marketing managers from industry and technology companies


30-minute live webinar incl. Q+A

Campaign runtime

3 months


Mailing, banners, social media, etc.

Lead characteristics

Name, contact details, function, position, industry, company with address and company size, interest in the topic

Leads included

75 leads spread over 3 months

Each additional lead

75 € per lead


5.500 € plus VAT