B2B lead generation

Generate B2B leads that excite your sales force

Lead generation is both a core task and a challenge for many marketing teams in the industry. This is because it is often necessary to address a small and hard-to-reach target group with relevant content in order to generate new contacts for sales. With the target group access of our trade media, we help you do just that: Generate DSGVO-compliant leads from over 14 sectors in the automotive, industry, IT and marketing sectors.

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This is how B2B lead generation via trade media works

With high-quality content, such as a whitepaper or webinar, you can position yourself as a solution provider and convince your target group of your expertise with helpful and useful content. At the same time, you receive contact information from interested professionals and decision-makers from your target industries.

Lead Magnet

Your content is published on selected specialist portals. During the campaign runtime, accompanying advertising measures are implemented to draw the attention of the target group to your topic. This is how we ensure the success of your campaign.

Data collection

Interested users must register in order to view your content - this is done in compliance with DSGVO. You decide yourself which user data is requested by choosing your package. Depending on the topic, we also issue an individual lead guarantee in advance.

Handover of the leads

You receive the contact details of the registered users who were interested in your content. Your leads are available for you in our Customer Center after the campaign is completed. The scope and amount of data delivered varies depending on the package you choose.

Why we are unbeatable

We combine the best of the trade media and agency worlds: our trade editors speak the language of your target group, our trade media and events give you direct access to your target industries, and our agencies make your marketing measurably more successful!

A service of the trade media of the Vogel Communications Group

The trade media and trade congresses of the Vogel Communications Group reach professionals and decision-makers in over 14 sectors from the automotive, industry, IT and marketing sectors. More than 500 editors and market experts ensure professional journalistic preparation of specialist and industry topics - high quality and deeply rooted in the industries.