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What is a web conference?

Our specialist editorial teams define trend topics that are currently driving our readers and are ideally suited for a web conference (e.g. vaccine production). We then look for a maximum of three speakers along the value chain for this trend topic (exclusion of competitors is possible on request, depending on the topic). Of course, input from a neutral partner (user, association) is always important at such a conference. Within a maximum of two hours, the defined trend topic is examined from all aspects. Each web conference is moderated by a specialist editor, so that we provide you with a neutral platform for communicating your content. Interactions with our audience are created by possible live polls and by the submitted live questions of the audience.

Example of a web conference: Here you can watch a recording

Web conference topics: Feel free to contact us with your current trending topics and we will check if your topic is suitable for a web conference and if we can implement it together with you.

How does a lead sponsorship campaign with a web conference work?

We create the registration page for your web conference on the portal of the trade magazine. The maximum of three speakers appear on the landing page as "sponsors". During the campaign period of three months, accompanying advertising measures are implemented to draw the attention of the target group to your trend topic. Your campaign experts select suitable measures to ensure the success of the campaign with the focus on generating as many live participants as possible. Registration for the web conference is only possible after registration. After registration, the participant will receive two reminder emails before the live date.

The live agenda of a web conference usually looks like this:

  • Introductory presentation by our technical editor
  • per sponsor presentations with a maximum of 25 minutes including Q&A session at the end
  • 20 minutes discussion round at the end with all speakers of the web conference
  • Summary/farewell by our technical editor

What lead characteristics are transmitted to you?

With lead sponsorship, you will receive a "business card contact" consisting of: Name, contact information, job title, department, career level, industry, company with address, company size and interest in the topic. Included in the campaign are 75 leads, each additional lead can be purchased afterwards if desired.

Your benefit:

  • New customer potential through contactable prospects
  • Extensive contact information on potentially interested parties
  • No effort for the creation of white papers or advertising material
  • Each lead goes through a qualification process so that we can ensure high quality information
  • All leads have a valid consent form
  • Our campaign experts ensure the success of the campaign during the total duration of 3 months

Of course, we also have other ways of generating qualified leads via our specialist portals, which you can find out about here.