marconomyDossier "E-Commerce in B2B", Publishing Date 02.07.2024

marconomyDossier "E-Commerce in B2B", Publishing Date 02.07.2024
marconomyDossier "E-Commerce in B2B", Publishing Date 02.07.2024
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  • Lead Sponsoring Dossier 75
  • Lead Sponsoring Dossier 120

Dossier "E-Commerce in B2B"

E-commerce continues to be highly relevant in B2B as part of a well-founded marketing strategy. A multitude of current developments and opportunities await you. A digital sales offering is becoming increasingly essential for the sale of products and services in the B2B sector. The chosen platform acts as the digital interface between companies and customers. As a B2B company, do you know the relevant approaches for you? In our marconomy dossier on the topic, you will find the latest developments, practical examples and expert opinions to help you drive your digital sales strategy forward.

What is a dossier?

Previously published editorial articles on a trend topic are summarized in a dossier, which is then published as a white paper behind a registration.

Do you currently have no content of your own but are looking for interested parties on this trending topic? Then become a sponsor of a dossier, so you can position yourself with high-quality content and generate qualified leads.

How does a lead sponsorship campaign with a dossier work?

We create the editorial dossier and all associated advertising material for you. During the campaign period of three months, accompanying advertising measures are implemented to draw the attention of the target group to your topic. Our campaign experts select suitable measures to ensure the success of the campaign. Downloading a dossier is only possible after registration.

Which lead characteristics are transmitted to you?

With lead sponsoring, you receive a "business card contact" consisting of: Name, contact details, job title, department, career level, industry, company with address, company size and interest in the topic.

How many leads are guaranteed within a lead sponsoring campaign with a dossier?

As part of a dossier campaign, you have the option of booking a package with 75 leads or 120 leads. Each additional lead can be purchased at the end of the campaign if desired.

Your benefit:

  • New customer potential through contactable prospects
  • Extensive contact information on potential interested parties
  • No expenses for the creation of white papers or advertising material
  • Each lead undergoes a qualification process so that we can ensure the high quality of the data
  • All leads have a valid declaration of consent
  • Our campaign experts ensure the success of the campaign over the entire 3-month period

Of course, we also offer other ways to generate qualified leads via our specialist portals, which you can find out about here.

Format Lead Sponsoring Dossier 75, Lead Sponsoring Dossier 120


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