China Marketing in B2B

Successful B2B Marketing in China

China - a big country with a lot of potential for companies in Europe. Not only the cultures are very different, but also the digital B2B marketing. For this reason, the marketing strategy should not be adopted 1:1 for China.

With over 30 years of experience in the Chinese market, we help you to develop your individual strategy for your Chinese target group.

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Entering the Chinese market with a local strategy

WeChat, Alibaba, Baidu, Sogou & Co. - the digital players play a major role in China, but they are hardly used in Europe. Companies that want to reach Chinese target groups must not only be familiar with China's digital landscape, but also adapt their digital marketing strategy to Chinese needs. An individual strategy and local expertise are crucial success factors here.

Why SEO in B2B?

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Aufgrund von mobile first sind die Nutzerzahlen von Social Media in China sehr hoch. WeChat ist in China die mit Abstand meistgenutzte App und sollte von Unternehmen zum Aufbau und zur Stärkung von Beziehungen genutzt werden. Die Nutzung weiterer Kanäle wie Douyin (TikTok) oder Kuaishou ist zudem empfehlenswert.

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The website should have a Chinese domain and be hosted directly in China. SEO and local content cannot be ignored in China to be visible on Chinese search engines. They also increase traffic, the number of leads, and your brand reputation.

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Search Marketing

Unimaginable in Europe, reality in China - Google is banned in China. Focus on search engines like Baidu, Shenma or Sogou. Here, too, there are special features: For example, Baidu ads are only available in High Chinese, working with native speakers is recommended.

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Video platform

All western video platforms like YouTube are blocked in China. The use of Chinese video portals such as Youku (YouTube) or Tencent Video are recommended and offer similar services to YouTube.

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From mini-programs to different account types and payment services - WeChat offers a wide range of options for contacting the relevant target group and conducting business. Are you already implementing these purposefully with your WeChat account? Take the check and get valuable feedback and concrete recommendations for your China business.

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We combine the best of the trade media and agency worlds: our trade editors speak the language of your target group, our trade media and events give you direct access to your target industries, and our agencies make your marketing measurably more successful!

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Founded in 2010, eviom GmbH is a Munich-based agency specializing in international digital marketing. By networking flexible and innovative hybrid teams as well as intercultural competencies, eviom is able to implement the "Digital Success" of its clients globally. With its international team in Munich, eviom realizes both strategy development and the operative implementation of digital marketing and sales measures. The service portfolio includes consulting services and concept development, hosting and website services, performance, search and social media marketing as well as lead generation in B2B. In cooperation with the Vogel Communications Group and its branches, the focus is on Asia, especially B2B communication to and from China.

Vogel Communications Group China

With over 30 years of experience, Vogel Communications Group China supports companies in their positioning in China. Through the expertise of over 90 employees who are on the ground in China, the target groups are reached through the relevant communication channels. It also offers, thanks to years of expertise, services for WeChat as well as professional events and provides insights into the Chinese market.