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B2B market research

Always one step ahead with B2B market research

Passive observation is not a good guide in business. Successful companies need to actively engage with the market and understand their target groups. This is also confirmed by a McKinsey study: B2B companies that conduct market research are more likely to achieve above-average growth rates.

We support you in gaining the relevant insights so that you are always one step ahead of your competition.

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Making strategic decisions with market research

With our many years of experience and access to target groups via our specialist media, we accompany the entire project process of your market research: from defining the objectives to conducting the survey and presenting the results. The method of data collection depends on your objectives. Both qualitative methods such as individual interviews and quantitative methods such as online surveys can be used.  

A classic online survey is conducted as follows:

1. briefing and definition of objectives

1. briefing and definition of objectives

At the beginning, we ask you lots of questions and listen to you. After all, it is important to us to work with you to tailor the project to your specific goals.

2. questionnaire design

2. questionnaire design

In close cooperation with our editorial team, we design a methodologically sound questionnaire that provides you with the answers you need.

3. programming and pretest

3. programming and pretest

Once the questionnaire has been programmed, the survey is subjected to a quality check. Your feedback can also be taken into account.

4. conducting the survey

4. conducting the survey

After your approval, we coordinate and monitor the entire data collection process. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project at regular intervals.

5. data preparation and analysis

5. data preparation and analysis

We attach great importance to data quality. This is why the data is thoroughly checked, corrected and cleansed before the actual analysis.

6. results

6. results

Finally, you will receive an informative results report. In addition to graphical representations and content interpretations, it also contains decision-oriented recommendations for action.

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Customer and market

  • Customer surveys
  • Target group analyses
  • Competitive analyses
  • Employee surveys

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  • Brand awareness studies
  • Campaign evaluations
  • Website tests
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  • Studies for PR and content marketing
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We support you throughout your market research project with our many years of experience and access to the specialist media: from briefing and setting objectives to conducting the survey and presenting the results. You can use the results to understand the needs of your target group or uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

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Data-driven persona

We develop your personas together with you in a workshop. Information about your customers (and potential customers) can be collected and incorporated specifically for this purpose.

Competitive analysis (multi-client)

Find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie in comparison to your competitors, based on qualified feedback from the market.

Why we are unbeatable

We combine the best of the specialist media and agency worlds: our specialist editors speak the language of your target group, our specialist media and events offer you direct access to your target industries and our agencies make your marketing measurably more successful!

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Vogel Research

As a service provider for B2B market research, Vogel Research provides well-founded answers to business questions. The aim of the market research experts is to combine methodological expertise with entrepreneurial thinking and thus provide clients with concrete recommendations for action. Via the Vogel Communications Group's specialist media and its own online panel, Vogel Research ensures direct access to B2B target groups and offers a broad portfolio of solutions for individual customer needs.